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One afternoon I am selling an older woman some cigarrettes at the service desk of the supermarket I work at. In the corner of my eye I see a woman march through the doors and straight over to the desk.
Woman: “What the f*** is taking so long, serve f****** faster!”

The older woman saw this woman approach too, and gestures that it is okay to interrupt her sale to serve and get rid of the rude woman.

Me: “What can I get you today?”
Woman: “You’ll give me (cigarette brand) and you’ll give them to me for free for this inconvenience.”
Me: “I’m sorry mam, but I can’t do that.”

Obviously annoyed, the woman throws her arms up in the air as if to be exhausted and unbelieving of my not making her happy.
I ring up at the cigarettes and tell her the price. She then THROWS her money, all in coins at me, some hitting me in the face and some going all over the ground. I proceed to pick them up and finally ring her through. I put her cigarettes, receipt and her change on top of her receipt on the counter in front of her, because after coins thrown at me I’m not eager to have contact with her, and I go to hurry back to the patiently waiting older lady.
Woman: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
I look over to see the she has taken her cigarettes but her receipt and change still sit in front of her. I approach her again, not eager for the ‘you underchanged me’ battle that I was sure was about to happen.
Woman: “PUT MY CHANGE IN MY HAND, YOU F****** B****!”
I am so startled by her anger and her request, I don’t move for a second.
Embarrassed by the commotion and upset but it all, I pick up the change and put it in her hand.
Woman: “I thought so!”
She then stomped out the door, glaring backwards at me arrogantly the whole way out.

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