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(I’m the closing manager at a retail store in the mall. It’s just my brand new 16 year old sales associate and me, and it’s closing time. The store is completely empty, so I go to pull the gate shut. A rough looking couple comes up to the gate as I’m closing it, and the large woman physically pushes me out of the way as they barge into the store. Coworker and I both stare in disbelief at the couple starts looking around. After 5 minutes pass, we count down one register, turn off the music, and I go to check on them.)

Me: *cheerful voice* Hi! Is there anything I can help you with tonight?
Woman: Naw, we’re just browsin’.
Me: Okay, I just wanted to let you know we need to close the store, but I’ll happily ring you up right now if you’d like to buy something!
Woman: Ya’ll are CLOSIN’?? What time do ya close?
Me: We were supposed to close 5 minutes ago. I’m sorry to rush you but we are required to be out by a certain time. You’re welcome to come back tomorrow when we open at 10am.
Woman: *Ignores me, slowly ‘browses’*

(I go ahead and start vacuuming all the areas I can. I glance over and see my coworker staring in shock as the woman says something to him, then they leave. After they’re gone and the gate is locked, he approaches me.)

Coworker: They were really mad….
Me: I don’t care.
Coworker: She might call customer service.
Me: Let her. She physically shoved me to get in a store that was obviously closing.
Coworker: She might boycott us.
Me: Good. I don’t need rude people browsing after closing anyway.

(She never called customer service, and never came back to the store. We discussed this with the store manager, who not only took my side, but said I should have shoved her back out the door when she pushed me and locked her out to begin with.)

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