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(I’m the only employee on duty and a lady comes in with two large trash bags full of outdated toys with clearance stickers from multiple competitor’s stores.)

Customer: I need to return all of these.

Me: Okay, do you have your receipt?

Customer: No. Just give me my money.

Me: I’m sorry, but without a receipt, we can’t give a refund. I can let you exchange or give you store credit for the lowest prices these toys have sold for in the last 30 days.

Customer: Fine, whatever.

(I start scanning the toys. Most of them were not even from our store, and the few that were in the system were so old, they had either been zeroed out or on clearance for $0.33 to $2.50. Of the two large bags, I could take back 6 toys.)

Me: Ma’am, of these toys that were sold here, the total I can give you in store credit is $12.66.

Customer: I have more than $300 worth here! You’re cheating me!

Me: If you have your receipts, I’ll be happy to refund what you paid, but without them, I can only give you what they’re worth at sale prices.

Customer: *Grabs toys off counter and throws them back in the bag angrily.* I’ll just take them to [competitor stores]. They’ll give me a better deal!

(She called customer service on me, and they told her the same thing. It turned out, she’s a repeat offender and is banned in several local stores.)

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