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(It is a crazy busy night. We are sold out of three shows of a film that is showing only two days and we only have on concession stand and we ran out of a few food items and borrowed them from our theatre’s closest location, such as hot dogs and pretzels which both take a bit to cook. We are telling everyone that it may be upwards of 20 minutes for hot dogs).

Woman: Hi I’d like two hot dogs, a number one combo, and snickers bites.

Trainee: Okay, just so you know hot dogs will take about 20 minutes to cook because we ran out earlier and had to borrow them from our other location. Could I interest you in something else like nachos or pizza instead?

Woman: No I’ll just wait for my hot dogs.

Trainee: Okay, that will be [total]

(About 5 minutes pass and the woman comes to the girl’s register)

Woman: I’ve been waiting forever for these hot dogs! Why is this taking so long?

Trainee: I’m sorry. I told you that we had run out earlier and that it would take 20 minutes to cook them.

Woman: This is unacceptable. I’m going to bring my food up to my theatre and when I come back these hot dogs better be ready.

(About 5 more minutes pass and the woman returns cutting to the front of the line, still well under the 20 minute mark that this woman was given).

Woman: Where are my hot dogs?

(The Trainee calls me over as I am her trainer for the evening).

Me: What seems to be the issue?

Woman: I’ve been waiting forever for these hot dogs that this idiot sold to me.

Me: There is no need to call anyone here and idiot ma’am. May I please see your receipt?

Woman: (Throws crumpled up receipt at me) Here.

Me: Well it looks like the order was only processed about 10 minutes ago and I know we’ve been telling everyone that it would take upwards of 20 minutes for hot dogs. I do apologize but they are a very popular item and we actually ran out. We only got additional ones maybe 35 minutes ago and they take a while to cook.

Woman: This is b*******! I want my hot dogs! Get me my f****** hot dogs right now or I’ll have your a** fired!

Me: Well I checked the temperature of the hot dogs maybe 2 minutes before you came over here and yelled at my trainee. If you’d like to get food poisoning I’d happily give you your hot dogs. But the fact of the matter is they aren’t ready and I know you were told you’d have to wait as you paid cash and were given a pick up receipt.

Woman: This is unacceptable! Get me your manager.

Me: Not a problem.

(My manager comes over, she’s about 19, is very petite, but is one of the best managers I’ve ever had)

Manager: Hi I heard you asked for a manager, how can I help you?

Woman: I don’t want to speak to a f****** child! I want a real manager!

Manager: Ma’am I am the manager on duty for the evening. And if you continue to curse like this I will have to ask you to leave this building. You can either wait patiently like everyone else, you can leave, or I can give you a refund on the item. But I cannot have you standing here cursing at my employees.

(After a few more minutes of arguing the woman got her refund, for her entire order rather than just the hot dogs. She called the theatre a few days later when I was in our customer service department and asked to speak to our GM because we were violating her freedom of speech by asking her not to call people idiots and curse and child labor laws by employing a child as a manager)

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