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I work in a pet store as a supervisor we have a very adorable very crazy umberella cockatoo.

The cocokatoo is hand reared and while still a teenager is higly bonded with me so is for the most part perfectly friendly.
On one very busy stormy day (he hates when its stormy out he get very scared of the rain hitting the tin roof) our cocokatoo is out mostly on his stand or on my arm (to settle him i take him on my jobs with me)
A customer sees this and follows me around, every chance he got he tred to pet the bird.
Me: Sir please would you stop trying to pet the bird? It doesn’t know you and like all signs posted around state h can bite.
Customer: Well he’s not biting you.
Me: He is very attacted to me and currenlty upset which is the only reason hes looking for my affection right now otherwise hed be playing with his toys on his stand.
Customer: So i can hold him (he proceeds to try take the bird who has now moved away from the customer from my lower arm and is now hanging onto one pigtail and my shoulder)
Me: Sir, please back up (wth that i get my keys out and head to the night cage to put the bird away as hes starting to get annoyed)
As i get to the cage the bird comes back down to my arm ready to enter the cage and I give him a pat. As i turn to put my arm up to a perch the customer throws himself at my arm and the bird jumps onto my body as the customer hits my arm.
Me : (call’s another safe member) sir move away or you will be bared!
Customer: This is a pet shop i just want to pet him! (he moves forward as i’m liftin the bird into the cage which i get into myself to sheild the bird from the customer bird decides hes had enough and goes to bite customer lucky i moved and bird gets my nose instead- thankfully just a quick nib as it sees its me its got)
Customer: That bird must hate you. (and with that he walks off)
I put the bird away do some tricks to calm it down and lock the cae up.
Customer 2: can you help me (blood still pouring from my nose)
Me: em not currently (i did point out the other staff member who was right next to me though)