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I work as a supervisor in a pet store, having worked with animals for 7 years (two in whih i was also studying animal care bahaviour and prevet nursing.) To sell higher does parasitic you need the manager of your store to be licensed (so they can be assured you as staff are trained to sell such meds)

Customer- Have you got any of those little pippettes that kill fleas
Me – we currently only have the mild one as we just got a new manager and as a result she is yet to be licensed to sell the vet standard product.
Customer – Oh, its becauce of the junkies (irish term for drug user)
Me – Em no sir its because the higher dose medication is a higher dose of parasitic, there is no legal requirement on buying it once someone is licensed, we just need to ensure that everyone is trained and we have a license holder in store.
Customer (while laughing) No dear i heard junkies use it all the time, it makes them high or whatever.
Me (getting pissed off) – no its because when people who arent qualified to sell the vet standard products they sell wrong doses to dogs too small or young and that would make your pet dead, which is what we dont want.
Customer (again laughing) – Thats silly, its only for fleas its not like its a drug (yes he actually said that) it cant harm anything. Sure dont worry i’ll just get it online.
With that him and his two dogs left…