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(The store is pretty slow at this moment and I am putting a few carts away and have to walk past the checkstands to put them away. We have three registers but only use one unless it gets busy. At this point, there are only two people at the register.)

Customer: Are you a checker?
Me: Sometimes…
Customer: Are you open?
Me: Well I am not at a register right now so no…
Customer: Can you ring me up? They are doing WIC and I don’t want to wait. (the customer gestures at the very short line.)
Me: Okay, let me put these carts away first.
Customer: OK
(I put the carts away and the by time I come back, the line is empty, but the customer is still waiting for me at the next checkstand over. I rang her up, but I just couldn’t believe she thought she just didn’t have to wait in line like everyone else. It would have been faster for her to just get into the other line!)