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(Due to a set of confusing circumstances, I get pulled over for driving a vehicle with an expired registration. The cop gives me a ticket to pay off, which me and my Mom go do to so the following Friday as the ticket clearly states that there is a minimum of 4 days for us to come in to pay it. It also states that if we do not pay the ticket before 14 days have passed, they can put out a warrant for our arrest. We approach a clerk and give her the information she needs.)

Clerk: “Okay… And this would normally cost about $50, but since you’ve come in before 21 days have passed I can bring that down to $20 for you.”

Mom: “Oh, good! Wait… 21 days? But the ticket says we have to come in before 14…”

Clerk: “You would be surprised how many people come in after that.”

Mom: “Seriously?”

(The clerk nods, and we pay the ticket and leave.)

Me: “People really put it off for that long? But it says a maximum of 14 days!”

Mom: “I don’t know…”

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