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I was just doing a quick shop and had managed to be in the right place at the right time and got a lot of reduced priced chicken from the deli counter. I carried happily on my way.

Customer: (coming up to me whilst I was browsing). ‘Did you just take a chicken from my trolley?’

Me: ‘Sorry?’

Customer: ‘Did you just take a chicken from my trolley? I had three in there and now there are only two!’

Me: ‘I got mine from the counter. Did you just accuse me of stealing from your trolley?’

Customer: ‘I had two chickens!’

I walked away.

I happened to walk past her a couple of minutes later and she grabbed my trolley and shouted at me that she wasn’t accusing me of stealing. I gave her a ‘whatever’ look and then got to the next aisle and laughed.

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