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| Unfiltered | November 17, 2019

(The business in question is a former workplace of mine, and as such I know the staff pretty well, and get on with them. I’m a witnessing customer in this story.
It’s summertime, so very warm outside. As I’m browsing the game selection a boy, who can’t be much older than his early teens, walks in without wearing a shirt and starts looking at one of the console displays. The shop manager notices this and approaches the boy.)

Manager: I’m afraid you can’t be in here without a shirt as it’s not hygienic, you’ll either need to put one on, or leave.

Boy: That’s gay.

Manager: I’m sorry to hear that.

(Having been reprimanded by the unimpressed manager, the boy quickly left the shop. Being gay, I would’ve reprimanded the boy myself for his casual homophobia, had he not left so quickly.)

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