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Customer: I’ll have a tall latte, please.

Coworker #1: That’ll be (price), we’ll call it out when it’s ready.

(1 minute later, Coworker #2 places a tall latte on the bench in front of the customer).

Coworker #2: That’s a tall latte, ma’am.

(A few minutes later, she’s still standing there)

Customer: Is this my coffee?

Coworker #2: Yes, that’s yours.

(She continues to stand there. Several minutes later, she moves over to the register.)

Customer: Is my order coming? I ordered a tall latte like six minutes ago.

Me: I don’t have a tall latte on the screen here…

Coworker #2: That’s because it’s already been made. Ma’am, your coffee is here.

(The customer walks over to the delivery bench, and stays there, not taking her coffee. I walk around and lift it up, and hold it out to her.)

Me: This is your tall latte.

(She takes it, frowning, and finally leaves)

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