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(This was a few years ago when I worked at this particular movie theatre. For fun, and to pass the time and amuse my coworkers, I would sometimes use fake accents ranging from American Southern to Australian. On this day I was using an Australian accent when a customer comes up to the concessions counter where I’m working)

Me: (with Australian accent) Hello! What can I get for you today?

Customer: (with ACTUAL English accent) Just a large popcorn and a large drink please.

(At this point I’m trying not to panic because I don’t know if he can tell if I’m faking or not)

Me: A Large combo. Would you like butter on your popcorn?

Customer: Yes please. (pause) You must be an Aussie.

Me: (now trying not to laugh) Yes I am.

Customer’s Wife: (American) Oh that’s cool! Do you get mistaken for British sometimes?

Me: Every once in a while, yeah.

Coworker: Yeah, sometimes we call him Wally!

Customer: Yeah, Americans can’t really tell the difference between English and Australian accents. Aussies are more nasally I find.

Me: Well your not wrong there. Here’s your popcorn and drink and enjoy your film.

(The customer and his wife walk off)

Me: I’ll be in the break room for a little bit.

Coworker: (laughing) That’s fine.

(I then spend five or so minutes laughing my ass off in the break room because I successfully fooled an Englishman into believing I was Australian)

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