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I’m waiting in line at a fast service burger place when I witness the kind of stupidity I always had to endure in retail.

Poor kid at register: is that everything?”
Lady: “don’t I get a free shake?” (Rude tone)
Kid: “do you have a coupon?”
Lady: “well no! I got the email!”
Kid: “do you have the email?”
Lady: “no, I deleted it!” Angrily points at a placard advertising their in house rewards that says ‘free shake on your birthday’. “See?!”
Kid: “when’s your birthday?”
Lady: “two weeks ago!”
Kid: “I’m sorry ma’am, you have to be enrolled prior to your birthday and bring in the email.”
Lady: “well that’s ridiculous!”

She demands to see the manager, like they always do, who tells her the same thing. I was very pleased when she didn’t get a shake.

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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