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(It’s around 1AM and my boyfriend and I drive up to a popular fast food place before we head home after a show. The manager says over the intercom that they’re currently updating their cash register system and to please go order inside, cash-only. This happens after the cashier writes down our order on a spare sheet of paper and manually tallies the price on a calculator that was likely twice as old as she was.)

Cashier: Here’s your change!

Me: Hey, uh, do you take tips? Can I do that?

Cashier: *weird look* Uh, no, unfortunately we can’t take tips…

Me: Darn. I figured you’d need it tonight. You’ve probably gotten yelled at at least once by now.

Cashier: Ha, well, so far people have been alright, but some do get pretty upset. But we have donation boxes for [Company charity]!

Me: Great! Have a good night, alright?

(It’s only when my boyfriend came back with our drinks that I realized she’d given us large cups rather than the medium we’d asked for. Still a shame I couldn’t leave a tip!)