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(I’m the customer in this story. I’ve had a stressful day and it was only 11 A.M. or so. The truck didn’t start, my daughter (who is 1) made us late for her appointment, and I got stuck behind a slow moving vehical which made us even later, and she had shots. I was still sniffling and was just overall felt pretty terrible when I decided to stop and get some fries and a soda from a popular fast food place.)
Me: *pulls up to the order box*
Worker: Welcome to (name of fast food), what can I get for you?
Me: I’ll have a large Friday…
Me:…*realized what I just said and hit my head off the wheel*…I’m sorry I meant a large fry…
Worker: *chuckling* Anything to drink?
Me:…Medium coke?
Worker: How about a large?
Me: Yes please.
Worker: Thank you, pull up to the first window.
Me: Thank you. *pulls up*
Worker: *laughing*
Me: It’s been one of those days.
Worker: I can see that! We all have them, are you alright?
Me: I’m stressed.
Worker: *nods her head and takes my money*
Me: I do hope that made your day better.
Worker: *laughs and hands back change*
(Thank you worker for making me smile a bit at my own mistake, I honestly needed it!)