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I was working on Reception when a family came in. Mum, Dad and two kids.

Mother: ‘Can we have four for ice skating please?’

Me: ‘It was Ice skating, it has now been converted to Roller Skating and unfortunately it is now shut for the winter as it is outside.’

Mother: ‘But we read on the website that it is open and it is my daughter’s birthday and that is all she wanted to do!’

Me: ‘I wouldn’t rely on the website as they don’t always update it. It is always better to give us a ring first just to check.’

I would point out that, it being outside and weather-dependent, this is what we always recommend to our customers.

Mother: ‘But the website said it was open! My children are going to be very upset and we have driven 40 miles!’

I could see that the children were disappointed but there was nothing I could do. The mother was extremely angry at this point so I backed off.

I checked on the website after they had gone and it clearly said that the rink was closed.

Today I got to work and found the Father had made a complaint about the ‘smug’ Receptionist and that he wanted financial compensation for the fact he had to find something else to do for his daughter’s birthday.

I e-mailed my boss and said if the Father had just phoned to check…

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