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(I pick up a call from a customer who wants to know if we have a particular dress pattern in stock. I inform her that we do. It’s Monday afternoon.)
Me: So would you like me to hold it aside so you can collect it?
Customer: Are you able to transfer it to (other location)? I live quite far from your store.
Me: Yes, I can do that.
Customer: Can you please make sure it gets done? It’s for a bridesmaids dress so it’s very important.
Me: Absolutely. I will make sure your order is processed and ready for the post before my shift ends today.
(I didn’t want the item to get lost or forgotten about, so I go to a lot of trouble that day to process the transfer, put it out to post and inform the other store that I am sending an item to them. On Friday I get a call from the same customer, this time very angry).
Customer: Why hasn’t my pattern arrived at (other location) yet?!
Me: I’m sorry it hasn’t arrived yet ma’am, I assure you I personally processed it on Monday. It’s definitely on the way.
Customer: But (other location) is not that far away! How could it be taking this long?
Me: The postman only comes to our store on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon, so he wouldn’t have collected your package until Wednesday. Additionally, the receiving store may need some time to process the transfer at their end. You’ll likely get a call on Monday or Tuesday.
Customer: I would never have agreed if I knew it was going to take this long! Why didn’t you tell me this? It’s urgent, I need it for my bridesmaids!
Me: With respect, you said it was important that you receive the pattern but you never informed me that it was urgent, nor did you inquire about how long the transfer would take. One week is quite standard, and I would have explained the postman situation if you’d asked. I’m very sorry for delaying your wedding plans.
Customer: Incompetent girl. I could have driven to your store and gotten the pattern last Monday! (*hangs up*)
Me (to coworker): Remind me never to go out of my way for a customer again.
Coworker: You said that last time.

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