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, | Unfiltered | November 14, 2019

We operate a small 40 bed, countryside hotel that has enough space to hold 1 event at a time. This customer calls in to complain even though he wasn’t attending an event.

Customer: I can’t believe you allowed there to be 2 weddings on at the same time in your hotel, I won’t even stay with you again.
Rep: I’m looking at the diary sir and I can only see one wedding on when you stayed.
Customer: Don’t you lie to me, I saw 2 brides that day, for a time they were even stood together. I won’t ever stay with you again and i’ll be telling my friends that you don’t respect your customers.
Rep: Oh i’m sorry sir, but I can assure you we did only have the one wedding that day, it was in fact both the women who were getting married, it was a civil ceremony, plus, we physically only have one event room so could only handle one wedding at a time.
Customer: But there were two brides, you had two weddings!
Rep: Sir, they were marrying each other.
Customer: But there were 2 brides!

Apparently the thought of 2 women marrying each other was too much for this guy!

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