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American sweets are a bit of a novelty in England, a few shops and stalls have appeared in my city and I decide to take a look.

Customer: excuse me?

Shop staff: yes?

Customer: do you source all your stock from America?

(Typical American sweets fill the shelves there are American flags in the store and the shop is called American candy)

Staff: … yes miss.

Customer: do you just do sweets?

Staff: well yes, we do have some drinks aswell.

Customer: well that’s no good I need some savoury items.

Staff: well I’m sorry miss but as you can see…

Customer: (interrupting) I need some turkey, the barbecue one. Do you know the one I mean?

Staff: well no I only work the tills.

Customer: when can you have some in for me?

Staff: as I said I don’t actually decide what the shop sells.you would have to speak to the owner.

Customer: (clearly not listening) ok great, speak with him won’t you?! I will be in next week to pick it up.

Staff: but miss thats not how it works…

Customer: thank you (leaves).

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