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A good part of my day involves trying to help customers login to their online accounts. This involves issuing a case sensitive temporary password that consists of letters and numbers. A lot of people have trouble with these (despite the fact we never include letters and numbers that could be confused, such as 0, o, O, 1, l or I.)
Me: now type in the password we emailed you, it is case sensitive.
Customer: it didn’t work!
Me: that’s ok, you can try again, remember you need to type the capital letters as capitals and the lower case as lower case.
Customer: oh, I didn’t do that.
They try again.
Customer: it still doesn’t work! The password must be wrong.
Me: I’ll reset the password, is it ok if I email it to myself and read it out? That seems to help some people, I’ll stay on the line until you can login and change it to your own password.
Customer: Oh, yes please!
Me: ok, here’s the new password. The first letter is a capital T for tango.
Customer: is that a big T or a small T?
Me: that’s a big T.
Customer: ok
Me: Now the number 2
Customer: is that a big 2 or a small 2?
Me: any 2…
Customer: are you sure?
Me: yes…
(this continues with every number, I cannot convince the customer that numbers don’t have capitals)

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