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(It was a slow day at the large retail store that I work at, and I was feeling a bit groggy and under the weather from a cold. An elderly gentleman struts up to my register and starts slamming his groceries onto my belt. I pay no mind, I’m used to rude customers. He pays very close attention to the prices of everything I scan.)

Me: “Hello, how are you today?”
Customer says nothing, hate continues staring intensely at the monitor.

(I get to a bag of broccoli, accidentally ringing it up as red onions, the numbers for them being very similar.)

Customer: “HEY! You rang those up wrong, what sort of place is this! Are you trying to over charge me?! Don’t you know how to do your job?!”

Me: “Oh, my mistake Sir, let me fix that for you.”

(I take the charge of red onions off and replace it with the broccoli, which ends up being about two dollars more.)

Customer: “What the ****! Now it’s more expensive, change it back!”

Me: “Sir, I can’t change it back. We have to scan everything as what it is or it will mess up our inventory.”

(He turned red in the face, uttering a few more curse words in my general direction before paying and charging out of the store. He never came through my line again, though I occasionally hear him shouting from some aisles over!)

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