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(I’ m the customer in this story, i had just ordered some chicken strips, and the waitress was asking me what i want for a side.)

Me: I would like a salad and some chips.

Waitress: Okay, and whatvwould you like on the salad.

Me: Barbecue Sauce.

(My parents look at me like i am razy but i don’y seem to notice.)

Waitress: No hon, i need to know whatyou want on the SALAD.

Me: Barbecue Sauce

Dad: Are you really that stupid? She wants to know what you want as a dressing.

Me: (Turns 50 shades of red) Italian please.

(My parents proceed to laugh for 10 minutes, i apologize to the waitresses later, and my parwnts have sill not let it go)