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(An older woman, probably in her late 70’s or 80’s comes up to me while i’m working in the shoe section of the department store. It’s been very busy and there are 2-3 other customers that i’m in the middle of helping.)

Woman: “Hi there i was wondering if you could help me. I Don’t have a computer and i was looking for [specific brand of shoes].”

Me: “Yes of course we have a decent selection of that brand right here”

(I direct her to the shoes and finish up with the other customers.)

Woman: “I didn’t see the style that I wanted. I don’t have a Computer but i know you have them. I need [Specific style of the brand]”

(These shoes look like they are at least 15 years old. They are almost falling apart and i’m not sure if any manufacturer even makes them any more. Just by looking at them.)

Me: *Polite smile* “Well let me check on my computer and see if we cant find them for you.

(I check the computer which tells us every style this brand makes and how many of what we have in every store in the country.)

Me: “I’m sorry it doesn’t look like we have that style. However, We do have a wide selection of other styles from that brand here” *I show her the computer*

Woman: Can I take a look at them?

Me: Of course

(I go into the back and grab every style of [shoe brand] that we have, and even grab a couple of shoes that look either very similar to the ones she is wearing, or look/work nearly exactly the same, from a different brand.)

Me: “Here are all the [Shoe Brand] that we currently have in stock that are in your size. Also, I know they are not [shoe brand] But i found some other shoes that should be a lot like the ones you are wearing now. The only difference is that they are not [shoe brand] But on the bright side they are less expensive.”

Woman: “OH no no.. I have to have [shoe brand] I can’t wear those.”

(time passes and she has tried on every shoe.)

Woman: “I just don’t like these they don’t fit right, feel too loose, etc etc. I really need something that doesn’t feel like it will fall off my foot these are far too low. Are you sure you don’t have the ones i’m wearing?”

Me: *Types [shoe brand] into the search again* “Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that we carry those any longer.”

Woman: “Well I know you have them.”

Me: “I assure you ma’am we do not. I just checked the back and we do not carry them.”

Woman: “But i bought them here.”

Me: “I understand ma’am, but our stocks change quite often. It’s rare that we have any specific item of clothing for more then a few months.”

Woman: “Well can you check again?”

(I check the back once more, and pull up the seach result on the computer for her.)

Me: “See? I’m sorry that we don’t have the item you are looking for”

Woman: “But what about those?” *points to a pair of shoes on the screen* “Do you have those?”

Me: “Yes we do ma’am. You are wearing those right now actually.”

Woman: “Oh… well they look different in the picture. I still don’t like them. Are you sure you don’t have the [specific shoe brand style] ?”

Me: “Yes ma’am i’m very sure. It seems that we, unfortunately, don’t carry that style any longer.”

Woman: “Oh ok I understand”

(This woman walks away FINALLY and walks 15 feet over to one of my coworkers.)

Woman: “Do you have [same specific style of shoe brand]? “