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(A few years ago I was working as a cashier at a grocery store. I always made sure to greet my customers at the beginning of the transaction but as I am soft spoken some customers didn’t hear me or respond. This customer is an older lady with what looks to be her grandchild)
Customer: Hello. (Starts putting groceries on belt so I scan them through as a regular transaction.)
Me: (softly responds) Hello, How are you?
Customer:…(no response)
Me: Alright ma’am your total is $XX.XX.
Customer: Why didn’t you say hello back? It is horribly rude to not say hello back when somebody greets you!
Me: I apologize ma’am I said hello back I’m just soft spoken is all, I guess you didn’t hear me.
(Customer whispers to granddaughter, making her look at me and laugh, pays total and leaves with a snark comment. I think it was insulting but brush it off. Fast forward two weeks later the same customer shows up again but this time with her daughter and granddaughter)
Me: HELLO! (loudly so she can’t complain that I didn’t greet her)
(Customer loads all groceries on belt, I scan them in with care and wait as she stands in front of me getting ready to pay)
Customer: Every time I come in here you are absolutely rude. I have never met a more rude horrible girl in my entire life!
Me: Uh… What? (I was completely astounded at her attack)
Customer: You are rude and I will complain to management and get you fired.
Me: My manager is right there in that office please feel free to talk to him.
Customer: Oh I will and I’ll tell him what all you did.
Me: Then go..
Customer’s daughter: Don’t you dare tell my mom what to do!
Me: Just go talk to him I don’t want to deal with you anymore.
(Turns out she told my manager that I threw her change in her face, cussed them out, and insulted them. Thank goodness he responded with “I know her and she would never do that, please leave”. Thank goodness I got a different job a month later but I loved that my boss stood up for me like that!)

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