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(I’m a sales assistant, but as a full-timer the part-timers often ask me for help in the absence of a manager)
Colleague: [my name] can you help?
Me: What’s up?
Customer: I bought a door handle but instead of a pair I have two of the same levers so it doesn’t work.
Me: Well, we can certainly exchange it, do you have it with you?
Customer: No, that’s why your colleague flagged you over.
Me: I see, well, we cannot give an exchange for a product that isn’t there, because if we’re lucky that will be docked from us, if you need a good pair now we can charge you for a new one and you can bring back the mispackaged pair. I already have had a similar situation and this is what the manager advised we do.
Customer: May I ask why that is?
Me: You may, and I shall explain by giving you this example. When we are given a large amount of money in cash, we have to have someone double count it and then, even if the customer requests, we cannot give them the money to count again. The reason for this is because there are those who would palm half the notes. Then they refund it after a few days and thus get a 50% profit.
Customer: *as if having a light bulb moment* They really do that?
Me: A few do, the majority of customers are good, honest people, but every basket has a few bad eggs, so we have precautions that we apply to everyone.
Customer: All right then.
Me: [Colleague] do you have the SKU for the door handle?
(I fetched the door handle for inspection before it was bought and she returned the faulty one without any upset whatsoever.)

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