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So I’m watching both my counter and my coworker’s counter while she is in the mall getting us smoothies. A customer walks up to my coworker’s counter and is clearly irritated no one is there, so I greet her.
Me: Did you need some help in Lancome?
Her: Yes, there’s no one over here.
Me: Yes, she just took a 15, did you know what you needed? I can help you.
Her: I need an eyeliner…
Her daughter is looking at eyeliners and asks if her mom just wants black.
Her: Yeah, black, ugh, do I have to *wait* for her to come *back*?!
Me: Nope, I can help you, like I said. You want the black retractable?
Her: yes.
I tell her to meet me around where the pin pad is. She hands me a coupon good for $10 off of $50, the eyeliner is only $20, so I offer their holiday box which is $60.
Her: So I can’t use my coupon?
Me: Not unless you spend at least $50, no.
Her: *swipes her coupon out of my hand* Ok.
She walks off and I voided the transaction.
My coworker comes back and I told her all about the crazy lady!