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I tend to work the overnight shift on Saturday nights at McDonald’s and I get a lot of weird (and mostly drunk) customers come through. We’re only open through the drive-thru but a lot of people come through on foot. This one tops them all.
One night I am down at the cashier window and I hear yelling from the other window where we hand out the food. The customer I am serving is laughing because some drunk guy is ranting to my manager that he is a constable police officer looking for a white car and needs to interview “witnesses” coming through drive-thru. After a lot of talking my manager sorts it out to giving the guy two cups of water (because that is apparently what he was really after). I then go down to the window later to see the drunk man leaning through the window stealing ketchup packets. While we give them out free of charge I tell him to back away telling him it’s stealing just to get him to move. He tells me that he needs the packets because he’s eating brains from cows and sheep and that he is the spawn of Satan. He then disappears after making weird roaring/gargling noises.
I continue to server other customers while he stumbles around like a zombie along the pathway next to our drive-thru until we’re quiet and no other customers are around. He then comes up to the cashier window and bangs on it and yells incoherently. I notice he has now spread the ketchup across his forehead and decide I don’t want to deal with this lunatic and call for the manager not before the man throws the cups of water he still has at the window.
I don’t know what my manager said to him but he cleared off for a bit until a car came through and I found him scaring a couple of poor girls by trying to climb through their window while they waited for their food.
That’s when I finally lost it and yelled at him to leave the premises before the cops come for harassing the customers. He tells me to go ahead, reverting back to his police officer story and that the girls are witnesses before he disappears for the night and I demanded my manager to call the cops.

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