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Two women, one middle-aged and one older, were at our hotel for 3 days. They greeted me every day and had polite conversation with me. On the fourth day, they stopped by the desk and stated that they could feel Jesus all around me. So cool, I felt like the man, I got Jesus all around me right? Well that didn’t last long. They returned from the room stating their cards didn’t work and it was a sign from god that they weren’t supposed to return to the room and that they knew that if they entered the room, they’d find a “bloody dead body on the bed.” Their exact words.
So, we were completely sold out so I couldn’t move them anywhere, and they’re so freaked out that I’m starting to believe this s**t too. So, I left my coworker at the desk to go exercise the room for these women and spritz some holy water on the carpet. They had me pray with them in a circle before entering the room, and we found absolutely nothing wrong with the room. Thinking they were cool I returned to the desk only to see them coming down the hallway.
The moment I left, they changed their minds and packed all their s**t, and were willing to sleep on the street, but I could have the fu**ing pope go to that room with them, they weren’t going back to the room.
So I did some searching and had an out of order room taken care of and put them in there so they wouldn’t have to leave.
So we have a possessed hotel.