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[I am chatting with one of my regular customers at the till. Note; I look a few years older than I actually am.]

Me: It’s my birthday tomorrow.

Customer: Oh, lovely! Happy birthday! How old?

Me: I’m turning 31.

Customer: [laughs] You wish!

Me: …no, I’m really turning 31 tomorrow.

[There’s a pause as the customer realises I’m telling the truth.]

Customer: Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to insult you before your birthday! I thought you were about 35, 36, and were joking! You know, “31 again!” and all that.

Me: [laughs] Don’t worry about it, I get that a lot!

Customer: [smiling] Well, have a fantastic birthday tomorrow! I hope you have the day off and don’t have to deal with silly customers like me.

Me: I do, and I won’t!

[Off she went, and I heard her telling her husband about how she’d “almost offended that nice young man who helps us.” Bless!]

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