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I work at a popular, high-end grocery store in Florida, and I’m on my way back to the registers to continue my work. Before I reach them, I’m stopped by an elderly woman that is having trouble finding a product.
Customer: ‘Excuse me, where are your toaster strudels?”
Me: “Oh, they’re right over here in the froze-”
Customer: “No! They’re not frozen! They come in the boxes!”
Me: “Oh, okay.. The ones you heat up in the toaster, right?”
I walk her over to where they are and point them out.
Customer: “Yes, but these are not it! They come in the box like pop tarts.”
Me: “Err, I’m sorry, are you talking about pop tarts then?”
Customer: “No! They’re toaster strudels and they come in boxes like pop tarts!”
She grabs a couple boxes and walks off grumbling, before I can solve her problem, if there still was one.

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