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[I work as security for a popular electronics store. We have to stand at the front door and greet customers and because of this we get alot of random question. An older man walks in and I greet him.]

Me: Hello! How are you today?

Customer: Do you sell batteries for wireless bluetooth speakers?

[I know the answer is no but I try to help him anyways. He proceeds to give me the brand and I search for it online. I find that a competitor sells that brand but we do not.]

Me: Sorry, but that brand is sold at [Other Store] and it also says that the battery is built in and not replaceable. Do you maybe need another charger cord?

Customer:[Suddenly Irate] You’re wrong! I have one, i know.

Me: Sir, it says here tha…

Customer: No. I need a battery. I have one I know.

[The customer, repeating this over and over at the top of his lungs proceeds to walk towards the entrance doors that do not open from the inside and slams into them.]

Me: Other side sir…

Customer: F*** this store!

[The customer proceeds to go to the exit door and yells about how bad our store is until he got into the car.]