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We had the policy that our competitors did- “One Coupon per Customer per Transaction per Day.” This was printed on every single paper and online coupon- even the competitors’ coupons we took. Managers even said to NOT take more than one coupon, and also provided calculators to us to help customers get the best deal if they had multiple and didn’t know what one to use. To get around it, people would often have their kids hand us one item, a coupon, and money. But, oh well. It was a different person using the coupon and buying an item. (Poorly disguised technique, because wtf is your 5 year old doing with a tube of Winsor Newton oil paint? LOL)

A woman brought 3 different coupons- the 55% off one single item from downloading our app, a 50% off one single item from the newspaper, and a 20% off your whole purchase coupon from our Midnight Madness flyer. After I rung up her 50-odd item purchase, she handed me all three and when I explained that I was unable to use them together, she went from being a nice, polite woman to a Hellspawn.
She asked why I couldn’t and where the store’s “sudden” one coupon policy was written, and I showed her that it was on each and every single coupon she handed me. Her response was “Oh, that clearly means I can use only one 55%, one 50%, and one 20% per day. And what happened to, you know, the customer is always right?” I offered to call a manager (because I knew they would tell her the same thing), and she instead just took her things and disappeared somewhere in the store.
I had to wait for a manager anyway to void my transaction (which, in turn, made more people waiting in line angry…), and when one finally came up, the woman, who had apparently gone to the other open registers and heard the same thing, came back and spewed a huge lie to said manager, saying I swore at her and treated her like garbage (fortunately, the cashier next to me called bull on it and told the manager what happened, and another worker said the woman had come to her line and done the same thing) and that corporate would hear from her and get the store shut down. Then, she proceeded to use our favorite “insult-” “Well, then I’ll just take my business to MICHAEL’S!” (Fun fact- Michael’s has the same exact coupon policy we had.)
Turns out, she did call corporate. It was mentioned at our next employee meeting because corporate was going to send a secret shopper out on us and/or send a regional manager out to check the store out. If it weren’t for the other employees who had to deal with this Hellspawn woman, I could have been penalized or fired because “The customer is always right.”

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