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(I’m the dummy customer in this story. I’m picking out a new pair of glasses, and I fail to realize that the prices are on the little stickers on the frames, so I don’t look.)

Worker: The price comes out to 354.00 for the new pair, after insurance.

Me: Wow. Okay, how much were the frames?

Worker: The frames were 250.

Me: May I go see if I can find a slightly cheaper pair of frames? I didn’t even pay attention, I’m so sorry!

Worker: That’s fine!

(I pick out a new pair, and go up to pay. They have the new chip readers in, and I’m using my debit card with a chip.)

Worker: Insert the card below, and leave it there until it tells you to remove it.

(For reference, I work at a store where chip readers are used, so I’m familiar with how it works!)

Me: *pulls out card after the reader says, “Thank you.”, but before it says ‘Please Remove Card’*

Worker: It didn’t go through, did you remove your card?

Me: I… am an idiot today, I thought ‘Thank You’ meant it was done.

(They run the card through again, I step out of the store, then almost immediately back in.)

Me: I should have asked this earlier… do you take Care Credit?

Worker 2: We do.

Me: I am so very sorry, is it possible we can refund my debit card and I can put it on my Care Credit card for the 6 months interest free? (For additional reference, I also work at a facility that offers Care Credit…)

Worker 2: Oh sure, no problem!

Me: Well, I’m giving you guys your run today on stupid customer issues, except at least I’m not screaming and ranting at you about it?

(I was seconds away from saying, ‘This should go on Not Always Right’, except I live in a very small town and I doubt anyone else would get the reference!)