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I work to cash register, its a monday night and im one of two people open, there is a constant line of people with trolleys waiting for the registers. I’ve just started scanning the next customer when a man cut past the line and walks up to me.
Customer: Can i go next?
i look at the two people waiting in line and back to him.
Me: No
Customer: please?
Me: i’ll let you in if you ask everyone in line if its okay and they say yes otherwise im not skipping them
He takes one look at the woman behind him and walks off to the other register to try again. The other cashier turns him away too. at this point the custormer in line reaches the counter.
Me: i apologise for that ma’am
Customer 2: thats fine he’s been doing that for ages, hes waisted more time trying to cut the line than he would have waiting.