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I work in a retail store that sells work clothing and work boots (steel toes). Being specific to those items we carry a wide variety of styles and sizes (boots ranging from ladies size 4 to a mens size 15). This is easily the weirdest customer I’ve ever had.

Customer: Do you have these boots in a size 9.5?
Me: We don’t have that size on the shelf, so let me check the back stock.
(I go and check the back stock, we don’t have any 9.5, but size 9 so I bring those out)
Me: I’m sorry sir but we don’t have them in a 9.5. We do have them in a size 9 if you’d like to try.
Customer: What do you mean you don’t have 9.5? It’s a common size, you should have them.

Me: Yes it is a common size, and this being one of our more popular boot styles sells fairly quick. Unfortunately we’ve sold out of the 9.5, but if you’d like we can order in a pair for you.

Customer: Well pretty much everybody I know wears this size, so you should stock more of them because that is what most people will be looking for.

Me: Generally we have 5 or 6 pairs in stock, but sometimes we sell out before new stock comes in. Also as we like to cater to everyone we carry a variety of sizes ranging from 6 to 14. This way anyone who comes in is able to get the style they want.

Customer: Well you shouldn’t do that! You should only carry sizes that are common, that way people like me can get what the need when they need it. I know the 9 won’t fit and I don’t want to try it on.

Me: Well if you’d like sir I can order a pair of 9.5 and call you when they come in.

Customer: No, I don’t have time to waste on waiting for you to call me. You should just carry what I need, my size is average so you should keep it in stock all the time. I’ll just come back when you have more.

Me: But sir, there is a good chance we will be sold out of your size. Please, let me take your name and phone number so I can set a pair aside for you.

Customer: No. I’ll just come back when you have more. And tell your manager that he should carry more common sizes that way you’ll get more business.

The customer leaves, so I go back to relay what he said to my manager. My manager just laughs, he wears a size 14 boot, and that is the main reason why we cater to unique sizes.