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(I’m in a pub chain known for low prices and theme meal days. This is curry day and I’m at the bar waiting to order lunch. There is one customer in front of me in the queue)

Customer: I would like the chicken korma please
Bar man: What would you like to drink with that?
Customer: Nothing, I don’t drink
Bar man: It includes * long list of different soft and non alcoholic drinks*
Customer: I said NOTHING
Bar man: Very well, that’s £7.25 please
Customer: The menu says £6.15
Bar man: That’s if you have a drink with it
Customer: STOP TRYING TO RIP ME OFF! it’s never cheaper with a drink!
Bar man: That’ll be £7.25 please.
The customer pays up and goes off grumbling about trying to force her to spend more on a drink.

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