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I’m deaf in my left ear and wear a cochlear implant and partially deaf in my right ear but have a regular hearing aid in it. Both can be seen as I have my hair up. I’m at a mini supermarket waiting to pay. The 5 tills are along the wall to our right but we queue to the left to wait. There are people at tills 1 and 2 when I’m called to till 4. The customers at till 2 move their son in so I can pass. I smile as a way of thanks and the man and child holding his hand smile back as an acknowledgement.

Customer: Hey! Rude! Some people say thank you!

I turn to her and speak. My speech isn’t too bad as I wasn’t born deaf (I contracted meningitis when I was about 12), but it certainly isn’t crystal clear and you can tell I have hearing issues.

Me: I’m sorry. I didn’t think you would need to hear the words THANK YOU. I hoped you would be polite enough to realise that forcing my to speak aloud in public might be a problem and my smile of thanks would be enough.

Customer: F*** o** pulling that s*** just to get sympathy. I’m not the b**** here. You’re the one being rude.

The shop suddenly went very quiet. I could see an employee walking toward us when the man of the couple spoke.

Male customer: What the hell, (name)? You can’t just yell at people like that. She didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve had enough of this. You either apologise or we’re (he and the little boy) going.

She just looked from me to the man without saying anything. So he went and left the woman standing alone at the till with about 10 people staring at her. The employee, who turned out to be the manager, then got to us.

Manager: He’s not wrong. Either apologise or get out of my shop….

He then gave her about 10 seconds before talking again.

Manager: Ok then. Get out, now, before I have you removed.

The woman went, while everyone in the shop stared at her. She had the grace to look embarrassed but never apologised to me.

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