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(I’m at the checkout of the grocery store, swiping my card, when I feel someone briefly put their hands on my shoulders. I turn around and see a little old lady behind me, so I figure she just lost her balance a little. Of note, there’s been a half-empty water bottle sitting by the card reader since before I got in line, and I’m wearing a pair of “five-fingers” running shoes.)

Old Lady: Excuse me, but are those shoes comfortable?

Me: Oh, yeah. They’re really-

Old Lady: I wanted a pair like that, but with the diabetes, I can’t.

Me: That’s too bad, I hope-

Old Lady: I wanted them for yoga, but I can’t find any yoga pants that-

Cashier: *helpfully interjecting* Here’s your receipt! Have a good day!

(I thank the cashier and skedaddle toward the exit, trying to build a mental wall between “old lady” and “yoga pants”, when the little old lady yells after me.)



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