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(the store I work at has a store credit card. Every other weekend, there is a special if you use it. Other weekends, there’s a sale of you use your online rewards. They never overlap. This weekend was credit card only.)

(a woman in her late 50’s comes up to the customer service desk in a mobile cart.)
Customer: “Hi, so I’m old and don’t use the internet so I can’t use the rewards to get special discounts. Your manager gives me a $5 gift card because I can’t get the special discount.”
Me: “my manager isn’t in currently. But, I can call the store director in charge and see what she says.”
(so I ring the store director)
Store Director: “Hey this is (her name) what can I do for you?”
Me: “hey this is the service desk. I have a customer who received a $5 gift card by my manager a couple of weekends ago because she doesn’t have internet to use our online rewards. She would like a gift card because she doesn’t have the store credit card.”
Store director: “I can’t authorize that. I don’t have a store credit card so I won’t be receiving the special discounts today. We can’t just do that for everyone. If you don’t have it then you don’t get it. If she makes an issue out of it, have her call my boss on monday.”
Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, I just spoke with the store director and she said that she cannot authorize that and that if you would like, you can call the main store director on monday.”
Customer: “but I don’t have internet to receive the special sale today!”
Me: “today is a credit card day, if you have the store credit card then you can get the discount”
Customer: “I don’t have that either!”
Me: “I’m sorry, she cannot authorize me to give a gift card. But, I don’t have one, so I won’t be getting the special today either.. I know it’s not exactly fair.”
Customer: “I’ll just be taking my business elsewhere where they treat me better!”
Me: “that is completely your descision”
Customer: “yes it is!”
(mobile cart slowly drives away)