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I’m getting a back piece done at a local tattoo shop. It’s a Wednesday so it’s not very busy. Two women come in and woman 1 is getting a small tattoo on her arm. I hear them talking and it’s this woman’s first tattoo. She fills out the paperwork and they get started. We are all talking as we get our tattoos and this conversation occurs.
Woman 1: ow this does not feel good
me: I hear you, but what did you expect needles and ink to feel like?
Woman 1: I guess like this. I’ve been waiting a long time to get this I hope it come out perfect.
Me: well these guys are really great at what they do.
Woman 2: and hey if you don’t like it you can always just wash it off and start again.
We all look at her confused for a minute. I don’t know what to say and neither do the artists.
Woman 1: Hun this is permanent, no take backs. One and done for life.
Woman 2: what! That’s stupid why would you do something like this?
Woman 1 an I look at each other as woman 2 walks out of the shop. I still don’t know if she was serious or not because she didn’t come back in and woman 1 finished before I did.

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