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(I’m about eighteen years old, working the night shift at a 24 hour store. At about three in the morning a raggedy looking old guy walks into the store. It’s a fairly big store, and there’s about 10 of us working this night. However, I’m unfortunately stuck in the front stocking batteries on my own. )

Man: Excuse me miss-

(He starts, looking me up and down like some sort of prize. I’m very shy usually and this is making me quite uncomfortable, but I have to do my job.)

Me: Can I help you?

Man: There seems to be a lot of Energizer batteries here.

(I find this to be an odd observation, but continue not exactly sure how to respond)

Me: Y-yes, there are indeed.

( his mouth turns up into a creepy smile, as he looks me over once again)

Man: Are you the Energizer bunny?

(I’m kind of at a loss for words, and look around desperate for help, but no one is around to save me)

Me: No-

Man: Do you want to see my tattoo?

Me: er-

(Before I can respond, he pulls down his shirt vigorously to show me a playboy bunny tattoo. At this point, I’m thinking of ways to get out of here asap, but he continues joyously.)

Man: You know- It’s so much easier to get out of jail these days! I would know, I’ve broken out about three times!

(yep. I’m out. I quickly make a BS excuse to the man, get the h*ll out of there, and hide in the back of the store. After about 10 minutes, my coworker walks in and asks what I’m doing. )

Me: (still horrified) T-There was this weird old guy! He asked if I was a bunny and showed me his tattoo-

( Her face suddenly seems to contort and she looks absolutely pissed )

Co-Worker: oh my god! You mean the guy who’s harassing the barista up front? How absolutely disgusting! I’m gonna tell [night manager] to kick him out right now! Unacceptable!

(She then storms off muttering angrily. I saw the guy later with a dog outside of the store, but he never came back in. Hopefully I’ll never see him and his weird battery bunny fetish ever again.)

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