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I work at a Starbucks and because of this I see strange people, I’ve even been warned about some. One customer comes in and I start sweating, having been told he’s had to been kicked out because he’s started fights in the past. After getting his coffee and some food he approaches the counter and addresses me.

Customer: Do you have any salt?
Me, checking to see if I heard him right: Salt?
Him, enunciating every syllable like I’m an idiot: Sodium chloride, do you have it?
Me: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t. (Because nobody asks for it)
Customer under his breath: Fucking hell

He then proceeds to ask two of my coworkers the same question, receiving the same response and swearing at them as well. Fortunately he didn’t start anything but I informed the manager we need to buy some, if only to spread it outside the door and keep him away.

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