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(Because of an accident when I was younger, for a good portion of my life I have been left completely mute. Miraculously, as damage has healed I have slowly been able to talk more and more, though with great difficulty. Due to my position as a server, I have made sure to practice a few key useful terms that are allow me to disengage quickly, but still be polite to a customer. Unfortunately, my words are often slurred or stuttered which had previously never caused me any problems.)

Me: Hello, welcome to [Supermarket] my name is [My name], how are you today?

Customer: *Looks noticeably irritated* Are you r******* or something? What’s wrong with you?

(Having never been asked this question, I called over a co-worker of mine who was fluent in sign language. After quickly relaying what I wanted to say, she translated.)

Co-worker: *Gesturing to me* I apologise sir, but unfortunately I have been left mostly mute-

(Cutting off my co-worker)

Customer: That’s f****** b*******. You’re disgusting you slimeball, how dare you fake a disability like that? What’s wrong with you? I demand to see your manager right now to let them know about this sick practical joke you’re playing.

(My co-worker looks about ready to yell at the customer before I tap her shoulder and let her know to just do it. She goes away to find the store manager and comes back after a few minutes.)

Manager: I apologise for the wait sir, what seems to be the issue here?

Customer: *Points to me* This sicko here is going around pretending to be disabled, I would like you to publicly reprimand him for his actions.

Manager: Sir, [My name] IS a disabled person and even if this were some kind of practical joke I would not publicly embarrass my employees.

Customer: B*******. *Customer drops his items on the floor and points to me* I’ll be calling corporate to have you both dealt with for being such disgusting pieces of s***.

(A few hours later, the man returns, ranting and cursing to any customer who gives him the attention. After close to ten minutes of this, security came and escorted the man off the premises. Two days later the manager gave me a written apology from the man after he had been threatened with a potential fine or jail time for abuse. I haven’t seen him in the store since.)

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