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I’m an Resident Assistant in one of the dorms eating at a table with several other RAs at breakfast about 2 weeks into the fall semester. One of the freshman on my floor recognizes me and comes over to ask me a question. His neck is so bruised from hickeys that nearly a fourth of it’s surface area varies in shades of purple.

Resident: Is there any way I can get a different bed in my room? Mine is too squeaky and any little movement I make at night wakes up both my roommate and me.

Me (struggling to keep a straight face): I’m sorry but most of the beds here make some noise or another, but if it continues to be a problem you can put in a request with maintenance.

Entire table: *stares at him with a-how stupid do you think we are-look*

Other RA: Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.

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