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(My family had been trying to sell our house for a year and a half, to no avail. We switched realtors and got an offer that fell through right away. Therefore, when we got a second, we were a bit apprehensive. We only found out that it was definite three weeks before the closing date, and were scrambling to find a place to go once it sold. The realtor we had been working with didn’t deal with rentals, only selling, so we were on our own. I work at a health-based grocery store, and one day a customer mentioned that her daughter had just been diagnosed with Celiac, and asked what gluten-free products I could recommend. I don’t know a lot about the subject, but that week we happened to have plenty on clearance, so I offered to show her where they were. This happened as I walked her back to the section.)

Customer: So, are you in school?

Me: Yeah, I go to (name of small college close by).

Customer: Do you know what you’re doing yet?

Me: I’m a psych major, but I don’t know exactly what branch I want to go into yet.

Customer: Well, you have time! When I was in school, I never thought that I’d end up doing what I am, now.

Me: Oh, what do you do?

Customer: Oh, I’m a realtor!

(Turned out that she works for the same company as the realtor that we were working with, and deals with – guess what – rentals. She gave me her number, and ended up getting us the house that we’re currently staying in.)

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