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(One of my best friends, whom I’ve known for over ten years, and I are shopping at a well-known alternative punk shop. I’ve found some Harry Potter headphones that I really like and head to the register to check out.)
Cashier: Did you find everything okay?
Me: (note that the cashier is very tall and much older than I am. I’m very shy and also frightened of people significantly larger than myself) Um…yeah…
Cashier: Your total will be [Total].
Me: *fumbles around in purse for like five minutes* H-here.
Cashier: Um…I need two more dollars.
Me: O-o-oh, I’m so sorry! H-here you go!
Cashier: Would you like to donate your change to the homeless?
Me: U-uh, sure?
Friend: Hey [My Name], look at you being a humanitarian!
(I almost hit her. By the way, that cashier was the nicest guy. He was so understanding when my friend told him that I was shy and wasn’t trying to short-change him. Thanks, man!)

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