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(A couple come to the register with about $50 worth of items. I ring them up and tell them the total, and the man takes out his wallet. There is a long pause as the woman just stands there spacing out while her boyfriend stares at her expectantly, since the items seem to be hers. He has a plastic smile on his face.)

Boyfriend: “Really? That’s how it’s going to be?”

Girlfriend: “Well, you have the money.”

Boyfriend: *shakes head in disbelief* “I guess that’s what boyfriends are for.”

Girlfriend. “You work.”

(As I take the money and work on printing out the receipt, the man keeps talking while I have to just stand there and pretend I’m not listening.)

Boyfriend: “Oh, I work. That’s my job. I work and you shop.”

(The way he said everything without really looking at his girlfriend while she just sort of looked off into space was really uncomfortable. I awkwardly handed him the receipt, mentioning the survey on it, and had to take a few minutes after they left to digest the fact that some couples will really subject bystanders to their spending problems.)

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