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It’s been a very early start, I’ve dropped my wife off at the train station and i’m sitting down drinking a coffee in my own little world when I hear someone barking orders at me.)

Customer: Sugar.

Me: Hmm, what?

Customer: Sugar!

Me: oh, there some over there. (I gesture to the counter he must have walked past getting his coffee).

Customer: No, you get it for me!

Me: ( I bite my tongue, he is middle aged and looks more than able to walk the few yards, somehow without swear I reply;) Get your own!

(He glares at me for longer than feels comfortable, then finally gets his sugar.)

Customer: See I got the sugar for you!

(I choose to ignore him, yet he glares at me the whole time. I finish my drink and stand up to clear my tray when he rushes over nearly knocking the tray from my hand. He sits proudly where I was sitting.)

Customer: This is my seat, I always sit here.

(Bemused, I shake my head and take my tray over to the tray station, as I go I walk by where he was sitting, and notice something.)

Me: Hey, you forgot your sugar.

Customer: Give that here you little….

(In one movement I pick the sugar up and throw it in the bin, I walk out to the sounds of him swearing loudly and turn back to see the staff rushing over to sort him out.)