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[The online couponing service lets you earn total basket coupons which can be any amount from 5 – 20 dollars off. Of course, the only way for the coupon to apply to an order is by taking it off every item purchased. Though, that does not show up on your receipt.]
Me: Hi, how can I help you?
Customer: I need to return this.
Me: Okay, no problem. Looks like you paid $4.35. Would you like that back on your card or in-store credit?
Customer: What do you mean $4.35? I paid at least $6 for that! It says so on my receipt!
Me: Looks like you used a total basket coupon. And the only way those work is by taking so much off each item in order to apply it.
Customer: I earned that with my hard earned money! I spend all my money here! You’re basically stealing from me!
Me: I’m sorry, that is just how corporate decided it should work. If you’d like to complain to them you can. We have forms for it if you would like one. We have a lot of complaints about it. But, there’s nothing I can do at store level.
Customer: I’m sure your manager could do something!
Me [so I call the manager]: Hey, we’re having an issue with a return. You know, the in store credit coupons and how they take so much off each item..
Manager: Oh yeah, tell them that there’s nothing we can do. Once you’ve earnt it and used it, then that’s that. They didn’t pay that so we can’t just give them that.
Me: Okay, so I’ve just spoken with the manager and he said that there was nothing we can do. Unfortunately, once it’s used, it’s gone and the few cents it has taken off was what you didn’t pay for..
Customer: This is absolute bullshit. I’m taking my business elsewhere if this is how it works when I earn rewards!

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