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(I have dealt with difficult customers before, but this takes the cake: it’s a Friday afternoon. A lady comes up to the register with normal groceries and a lot of packages of cookies.)

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”
Lady: *ignores me* “Yeah, these cookies are on for [price] here, right? They’re in the flyer.
Me: *doubtful, because I’ve looked at the flyer at least four times* “I’m not too sure, but let’s check.”
Lady: “Sure, whatever.”
Me: *scans the first package of cookies* “They’re coming up at [price that’s 30 cents more]”
Lady: “No, they’re in the flyer for [price she originally said]”
Me: “Well, if you can show me which flyer it is in, I can give them to you.”
Lady: “It’s for this store, I know it is, I saw it on my phone.”
Me: “Are you sure? It could have been [Competitor]”
Lady: “This is ridiculous, can I see the manager?”
(I page the supervisor on duty)
Supervisor: “What’s going on?”
Me: *I explain what’s going on and how the customer wants to talk to the manager* “She’s insistent it’s in our flyer on her phone.”
Supervisor: *to the customer who is fuming by this point* “If you can show me the flyer we can match it, but there’s not much we can do at this point if you don’t have your phone.”
Lady: “Fine, I won’t take them, then. But if I find them on my phone, I’m coming back and there will be hell to pay.”
Supervisor: *as soon as the customer is out of earshot* “Yeah, you do that lady. Complete idiot.”
(Ten minutes go by, and things go back to normal, until …)
Lady: *waving around her phone* “AHA! I WAS RIGHT!”
Me: *internally screaming, but trying to be as calm and professional as possible* “But it’s on the phone, which is not regional. Our flyers are regional. And our store will only honour the prices in the flyer for this specific store.”
Lady: “But it’s [store name] everywhere, isn’t it?”
Me: “Ma’am, that may be true, but it’s a head office thing, they decide which items are on special where.”
Lady: “Are you serious?! I cannot believe this.” *starts ranting and raving about how stupid the store is, and how it should be the same everywhere*
Co-worker: “[My name], can you go find [supervisor]? She can help.”
(After speaking to the supervisor, who has stepped out for her five minute break and expressed both shock and annoyance that the customer has come back, I return to my register)
Lady: “So, what did she say?”
Me: “The manager on duty has said that we will honour the flyer’s price this ONE TIME and that’s it, with a limit of twelve, but it is just this once.”
Lady: “Well, it isn’t my problem, it’s [Store Name’s] problem.”
Co-worker: “Ma’am as [My Name] stated, it’s a regional thing, decided by Head Office, which is why it wasn’t in our flyer.”
Lady: “Whatever. Don’t think I’m ever coming back.”
(The lady pays and leaves. I have to turn around and count to ten before turning around to greet the next customer in line, who has seen the entire thing)
Me: “How are you tonight?”
Next customer: “They really should give you a hazard pay.”
(After I finished all the customers in the lineup, my co-worker, who was scheduled to go for break before me, told me to shut down my register, and go for my break first so I could compose myself. While I do have to deal with a lot of strange people as a cashier, I love my job and my co-workers make it all worth it!)

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